MIT Robot Dog high torque Joint Motor or DD Motor



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Joint motor for Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

Motor + driver + encoder + reducer + CAN bus communication
High torque joint motor for Robot Dog or robot arm
Modular Actuator Documents
robot dog motor

Weight: 610g
Dimensions: 96mm O.D., 40mm axial length
Maximum torque 17N.m
Continuous torque 6.9N.m (gear ratio 6:1)
Maximum output speed 40rad/s @24V
Maximum output power 250 watts
Current control bandwidth 4.5kHz @4.5N.m, 1.5kHz @17N.m
Output inertia 0.0023kgm2
bigdog motor
Cheetah Motor the latest version documents on Google Drive
Weight: 720g
Dimensions: 96mm O.D., 40mm axial length
Maximum torque 35N.m
Continuous torque 13N.m (gear ratio 6:1)
Communication protocol: CANBus
Connector: XT30/GH1.25
Power supply: 24-48V DC
12-bit encoder 0.087-degree precision
Control mode: torque loop, speed loop, and position loop

The robot joint motor has been upgraded to HT-02, HT-02-M part number for motor only and HT-02RDG with built-in driver
Communication CAN, (SmartCan protocol,Rate 1M);
15-bit absolute encoder, one circle pulse can up to 32768.
Multipole DD motor with high torque output.
Integrated servo motor with small size and easy to connected wires.
Position control pattern, you can setting speed and acceleration

Power Supply 36VDC±10%
Rated Current 7A
Torque 1.27N.m (without gear)
Rated speed 1500RPM
Max speed 2000RPM
Power wattage 200W
Cooling mode natural cooling

English CAN Communication materials
CANBus Protocol

A complete unit of Cheetahs are available, the lead time is 3-5 weeks, Linux, C/C++
RobotDogg Basic, Color Gray
Can carry 2Kgs, speed forward 1.7m/s, lateral 0.6m/s, climbing angle 15 degrees, battery 5Ah endurance 1 hour, jumping max 20cm and distance 50cm, No camera
Gait: Trot, Flying Trot, Pace, Gallop, Bound
Cheetah RobotDogg
RobotDogg-EN Enhannced Version
Can carry 3Kgs, speed forward 2.5m/s, lateral 1m/s, climbing angle 30 degrees, battery 5Ah endurance 1.5 hours, jumping max 30cm and distance 80cm, deep camera Intel RealSense D435, Vision GPU NVIDIA Jetson Nano TX2
Gait: Trot, Flying Trot, Pace, Gallop, Bound, and other developments.
Enhanced Cheetah

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