Stepper motorized injection channel valve



HY-V753 1-6
HY-V753 1-4
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Stepper Motorized Valve

HY-V753 series is a high speed and high pressure automatic switching valve, stepper motorized injection valve. It includes 1 in 4 out, 1 in 6 out, 1 in and out, etc. It can be customized. It adopts serial communication, a variety of instruction collection, and is compatible with the instruction collection of many foreign manufacturers.
For example, the HT753 series can be replaced. User-friendly HPLC, protein chromatography, precision product instrumentation and collection.
The properties are as follows:
1. HY-V753 1-6
2. HY-V753 1-4
3. HY-V753 1-6 automatic injection valve
4. Withstand voltage range (0~10Mpa)
5. Flow rate range (0~200mL/min)

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