Stepper Motorized MRV-01 proportional directional valve



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Stepper Motorized Channel Valve

Fluid Path PCTFE, Ceramic or Sapphire
Channel Diameter 1.5mm(3.0mm OEM support)
Dead Volume 4.5ul
Connection 1/4-28UNF
Max Pressure 1.2Mpa
Control ON/OFF Voltage Control
stepper motor proportional directional valve

Product name Two way or three way valve
Channel material PCTFE, ceramics/sapphire
Channel diameter 1.5mm
Port to port capacity 5ul
Connector 1/4-28UNF
Switching peed 80ms
Motor two phase bipolar stepper motor
PCB voltage C24V input
External enable voltage DC7-33V
Max current 1.8A
Max Power 16.8W
Air tightness 0-1Mpa
Water tightness 0-1.2Mpa
Replaceable parts stator (rotor sealed )
Switch property channel positions (channel switched as external input voltage signal)
Working temp. 5-50℃
Humidity ≤70%
stepper motorized

Product Features
1 Processed by teflon, ceramics or sapphire and 316 stainless steel, maintenance free
2 liquid will not touch stainless steel
3 Multi-directional self-adapter to flat fitting to extend the service life
4 Take imported NMB Planetary reducer motor as motive power to drive the valve with high reliability and stability
5 Take Encoder Optocoupler for valve hole location to avoid non-accurate position after reducer worn out
6 Take low consumption chip ad drive module to effectively reduce the heat caused by working
7 Inside valve integrated with motor control circuit and communicated with external instruments through RS232,RS485/CAN
8 Take XH terminal with mutual spacing 2.54mm as controller interface
stepper motor valve

Product Application
Water analyzers
Chemical analysis equipment
Laboratory research
Industrial precise micro processing
Medical analysis
Food and beverage sampling and processing

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