Music Reactive RGB LED Cuboid



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Music Reactive RGB LED Cuboid

How to make Stereo MUSIC REACTIVE LED
Bla bla, the following are quotes:
"How To Make Music Reactive LED Circuit Using Microphone? Simple Sound Reactive LED Circuit, it is a very simple circuit and you can easily make this music and sound reactive led circuit at your home. In this circuit you need a 2222A transistor and some simple components for making the music reactive led circuit. A condenser microphone is needed for catching the music or any sound and the led cuboid will glow on the rhythm of music.
Used Materials
1 piece blank pcb board, 2 pieces 2222A transistors, 2 pieces 10k resistors, 1 piece 1M resistor, 1 piece 100nF capacitor, 1 piece condenser microphone, 4 pieces led bulbs.."

Sorry that we do Not have such instruction to create a music reactive RGB LED Cuboid but here we bring you a complete unit. Enjoy the music and lighting glow whenever you are lonely or organize a small party.
Music Reactive LED
Acrylic with Ws2812 RGB LED quite positive and long life span.
Microphone or 3.5mm audio input.
Android or IPhone APP control, there are more than 200 modes.

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