Silent and durable GT2 rubber belt with Cloth



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GT2 rubber belt with Cloth

1. Accurate roundness tooth shape, ensuring accurate positioning and quiet and efficient transmission
2. Anti-wear nylon tooth surface for better protection of the tooth joint and extended service life
3. Proportion fiber rope ensures high strength, excellent flexibility and high tensile resistance
4. Neoprene effectively protects it from dirt, grease and moisture
5. High-strength structural design, anti-extension, anti-jumping, make the transmission more stable
6. Wear-resistant and noise damping
7. The tooth surface of the belt is made up of specially treated tooth cloth
GT2 belt
Tooth profile: GT2
Pitch: 2mm
Width: 6mm. 6.35mm, 9mm are available on request.
Material: Neoprene rubber fiberglass reinforced with nylon cloth tooth surface.
Length: price per meter, 63 meters per roll continuous at most
GT2 belt with cloth

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