3D Printing Filament Color in Heliophilous SHY



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3D Printing Filament Color in Heliophilous SHY

Don't be Shy to Print! Before sunshine it's white, after a short time sunshine exposure even cloudy day, it turns Red. It will get back in White after you bring it gloomy place.
Sunshine Before
color-changing 3d printing filament
Sunshine After
color changing 3d filament

A. Real-time change of UV sensitive filament-I did this on not such a sunny day as Sanjay, but still the results are impressive and a fast change is seen.
It prints really well (195 to 205) and keeps the speedy transition after printing, as far as I can tell extrusion does not change the reaction time or intensity. (unlike many of the thermo-change ABS materials)
I also tried it at 218 Degrees C on the 3DR, this printed ...
B. AMAZINGLY cool new filament. Changes colour rapidly in sunlight (UV)

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