3 phase nema23 or nema34 stepper motor driver



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3MC580 digital stepper driver, using a new generation of DSP technology, suitable for driving three-phase 57/86 stepper motor. Driving voltage: 20-50V DC, the maximum drive current 8A. 256 micro-stepping and rated current within the current value to meet the needs of most small and medium-sized equipments. The internal use of parameter auto-tuning function, without manual adjustment can automatically generate the best parameters for different motors, the motor running performance to achieve the best.
1. Three-phase stepper motor for 3-wire / 6-wire drive
2. Signal input: differential / single-ended, pulse / direction or double pulse, 5 ~ 24VDC level compatible
3. Can be set through the serial port parameters
4. You can set the power-on parameter auto-tuning function
5. Precise current control greatly reduces the motor heat
6. The current is automatically halved at rest
7. Photoelectric isolation wash your number input, anti-interference ability
8. With over-voltage, over-current protection and other functions
3 phase stepper driver

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