AB incremental encoder 400 pulse per revolution



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AB Incremental Encoder

Exterior φ38×35.5mm
Shaft Diameter: φ6mm
Axis stopper platform: High 5mm, 20mm
Resolution 400 pulses / rev.
Output signal form A · B two-phase
The maximum mechanical speed 5000rpm
The response frequency 20KHZ
Supply voltage DC 5V ~ 24V
Output Type Voltage Output
Wires length 150cm
- Light weight and small size.
- By rotating the grating disk and optocoupler direction which generate counting pulses.
- Easy installation.
- Fits for measuring the rotational speed of the object , angle, acceleration, and length measurement.
AB two-phase quadrature output rectangular pulse ,the circuit output is NPN open collector output type ,the output of this type can and with internal pull-up resistor is directly connected MCU or PLC ,such as 51 single or for Mitsubishi PLC (PLC input mode should be connected to 0V switch function ).
Note: If the encoder is not connected to the device can not be directly oscilloscope oscilloscope ( open collector output without pull-up resistor when there is no voltage output ) If you want the oscilloscope in AB two-phase output with two pull-up resistors.
Suitable for a variety of intelligent control displacement measurement ,automatic fixed-length automatic guillotine paper machine,steel cut length control ,civilian measured height human scale,students racing robots.
Wiring Output : A phase, B phase, Vcc positive supply, V0, the shield wire.
Connection: Green = A phase, white = B phase, red = power +, black = power -
Note: AB two -phase outputs must not be connected directly to VCC, otherwise, they will burn the output transistor.
AB incremental encoder

Hollow shaft rotary encoder
Can be mounted onto a 8mm rear shaft motor
Hollow Shaft Encoder

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