Two phase NEMA24 closed-loop stepper motor



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NEMA24 Closed-loop Stepper Motor

Suitable for all kinds of motion control automation equipment and instruments, such as: electronic processing and testing, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machinery, engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, garment plotter, CNC machine tools, automation Assembly equipment and so on. Is the user expect low noise, high-speed performance and cost-effective competition in the field of choice
NEMA24 size 60mm 4 lead wires 2 phase closed-loop stepper motor
Step angle 1.8 degree
Motor length 102mm or 127mm plus 22mm encoder.
Holding torque: 4.5N.m or 5.5N.m
Closed-loop Stepper Motor
NEMA24 60mm face stepper motor with encoder for closed-loop to prevent step losses. NEMA24 size larger than NEMA23 the most common size can provide higher holding torque.
NEMA24 Servo Stepper

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