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6 DOF Dynamic VR Motion Simulator

Servo Electric Cylinder 6DOF Motion Platform Key Parameters
Key Technical Parameters
(2)Motion parameters
Position Displacement Speed Acceleration Positioning accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy
Pitch (α) ±5℃~±35℃ ≤60°/s ≤200°m/s2 0.03° 0.01°
Roll (β) ±5℃~±35℃ ≤60°/s ≤200°m/s2 0.03° 0.01°
Yaw (γ) ±5℃~±35℃ ≤60°/s ≤200°m/s2 0.03° 0.01°
Vertical lift (z) ±10mm~±500mm ≤1000mm/s ≤1.0g 0.03mm 0.01mm
Longitudinal displacement (y) ±10mm~±500mm ≤1000mm/s ≤1.0g 0.03mm 0.01mm
Lateral displacement (x) ±10mm~±500mm ≤1000mm/s ≤1.0g 0.03mm 0.01mm
RoboCar 6DOF
Other Technical Parameters
(1) System response frequency: 0Hz-20Hz
(2) stroke hysteresis: less than or equal to 0.2mm
(3) drift: platform system for more than 12h continuous operation, any one of the electric cylinder position drift does not exceed 0.00025m
Controlling systems
(1) sports platform control system with CanOpen bus communication and digital input and output functions of the motion controller, all-digital motor controller, control software and other components.
(2) Ethernet interface, the integration of the high dynamic ball screw mechanical concept, to achieve a higher dynamic performance
(3) the control room of the sports platform is done by the ergonomic graphical interface that allows the operator to save time while learning and implementing the system
(4) The control software can copy the motion generated by the motion design software
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