Reusable print surface with 3M tape

Diameter 200


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Reusable 3D Print Surface

Build surface with 3M tape (Note: it's Not heat bed, it's a cover on heat bed which is print surface.)
Heatbed temperature: 80 centi-degree the best
Specification available: 214*214mm, Diameter 200mm
To save your masking tape and masking job from today.
3d print surface

To print PLA or ABS, heatbed, borosilicate glass, masking tape are adopted.
print surface
For what reason?
Heatbed is used because it dramatically improve the print quality by keeping the extruded plastic warm and thus preventing warping. Warping is a common condition caused by plastic on the edges of the part cooling down at an uneven rate when compared to the plastic inside of the part. The result is that corners warp up and deform your model.
Over time many people have started to specify the use of borosilicate glass surfaces in 3D printers. While they do have some good properties and can be ground and polished very flat, they also have some limitations that are not always great for 3D Printing.
Masking Tape are used on top of heatbed or borosilicate glass and there is article to tell why and what masking tape is best to print PLA and ABS on?

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