TX series Stepper Motorized Hollow Rotary Table



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Motorized Hollow Rotary Table

STEP file for stepper motorized or servo motorized Hollow Rotary Table

Hollow rotary table, installation size 60, 85, 130, disc device can withstand large inertia, the integration design presents a cross roller bearing angle and rotary table with high rigidity, the whole group of collocation of stepping motor and drive.
1. direct connection: simple design to enhance reliability.
2. large diameter hollow rotating platforms: simple wiring and piping.
3. positioning accurate is high.
4. short time positioning: in a short period of time to achieve the positioning of inertial loads.

Nema11 stepper motorized hollow rotary table
Nema17 stepper motorized TX85
Stepper Motor Rotary Table TX60 and TX85
Nema23 Stepper Motorized TX130 hollow rotary actuator
Stepper Motor Rotary Table TX130

Integrated stepper motor and driver motorized hollow rotary table, please write us or leave us message for more details.

Rotary Tables

100W, 200-400W, 750W-1KW Servo Motorized Hollow Rotary Table are available on request
Servo Motorized Rotary Table

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