Robocults integrated stepper motor with driver



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Integrated Stepper Motor with Driver

Nema17 Integrated Stepper Motor

12 to 32 VDC Voltage Input
0.4A to 2A per phase support
Full/Half/Quarter/16/32/64/128 microstep
Idle current setting 0 to full load ajustable
Common cathode, common anode, differential, one clock pulse/direction, double pulse CW/CCW, encoder following
250KHz maximum pulse rate input, high speed, high resolution and accuracy.
Optical isolation is used in input or output ports
Protection: Overvoltage, over current, over temperature automatic protection
Nema17 48mm long 0.4N.m stepper motor
Double stack or higher holding torque integrated nema17 stepper motor can be customized.

Nema23 Integrated Stepper Motor

12 to 48 VDC Voltage Input
1.5A to 6A per phase support
Full/Half/Quarter/16 microstep
Nema23 56mm 1.2N.m stepper motor
The integrated stepper driver can be used for nema23 76, 112 high torque stepper motors
robotcults integrated stepper motor

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