B9Creator DLP or SLA Printer Mainboard



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The B9Shield uses the widely available Arduino Uno open source hardware microcontroller to implement a simple 3D Printer Application Programming Interface (3DPAPI). We support and encourage all 3D printer software developers to easily adapt their software to our machine via this API. Likewise, as our software expands and improves we hope to use it to run any future resin based printers which may emerge.
In addition to the Unoly, we'll be shipping a ready to use "B9Shield" which is simply an interface board that plugs into the Unoly and allows it to communicate with the Projector, the manual position input switches, the "home" optical sensors and also to control the z-axis stepper motor and the vat slide motor.
You really don't need to know how it all works (unless you want to!) Just know that the B9Shield will make assembly a breeze because there will be no soldering or wire crimping. Just plug in the pre-built wire harnesses.
SLA 3D Printer Board

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