OLED resolution 12864 compatible with Arduino



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OLED 12864

3-5VDC, can Not be over 5V which will damage the OLED
0.96 or 1.3 inch OLED display module
128x64 pixel high resolution has more pixels per unit area than LCD
Max power consumption: 110mA at 5v lower power consumption
Dirver IC SSD1306 SPI, IIC Compatible 7 Pins
Arduino IDE compatible, easy-using and powerful library

Pin explain:
GND: power ground
VCC: 3.3v or 5.0V power supply
D0: ClK
D1: MOSI data
RST: Reset
DC: Data/Command
CS: Chip select Port

5V Arduino OLED
2.4, 2.7 or 3.1 inches Green or Yellow
arduino oled
2.4" or 2.7" 12864 OLED
2.4 inches oled
3.1" 12864 OLED
3.1 inches oled

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