Single or dual disk type flexible coupling



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Single or Dual Disk Flexible Coupling

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Zero-backlash flexible coupling, Encoder Coupling, Servo Motor Coupling.
DFC20L20S stands for Disk Flexible Coupling Diameter 20mm Length 20mm Single Disk
DFC34L45D means Disk Flexible Coupling Diameter 34mm Length 45mm Dual Disk
At least one disk and two bushings. The disk is pinned to the hub and will not loosen or cause backlash between the disk and the hub. The difference between a single disk coupling and a dual disk coupling is the ability to handle a wide variety of deviations, and the single disk coupling is not well suited for eccentricity, since it requires a disk that can be flexibly curved. The dual disk coupling can be curved at the same time in different directions, in order to compensate for eccentricity.
Main Characteristics of Disk Type Coupling
1, the ability to compensate for the misalignment of the two axis, compared with the angular displacement of the gear coupling can be double the radial displacement of the reaction force is small, flexible, allowing a certain degree of axial, radial and angular Displacement.
2, with a clear damping effect, no noise, no wear.
3, to adapt to high temperature (-80 +300) and harsh environments, and in a shock, vibration, safe and dynamic.
4, transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Particularly suitable for medium and high-speed high-power transmission.
5, simple structure, light weight, small size, easy assembly and disassembly. Do not have to move the machine can be installed (with the intermediate shaft type), no lubrication.
6, can accurately transfer speed, running without slip, can be used for precision machinery transmission
5mm to 8mm diameter 19 or 20mm and length 20mm is quality replacement of simple flexible coupling for lead screw connecting with stepper motor
8mm to 12mm diameter 34mm and length 31mm is good for ball screw with stepper motor having 8mm shaft.
disk type flexible coupling

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