12VDC Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Thermometer -50-110°C



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12VDC Thermostat

Reference wiring PDF 12VDC Thermostat
12V Thermostat
12VDC operating voltage
-50 to +110°C Temperature Control Switch Thermostat or Thermometer
Static current: 10mA, attract current: 65mA
Measurement: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor
Temperature control mode: ON / OFF
Output: 1 Channel relay output, capacity = 10A
Temperature range: -50 +110
Control accuracy: 0.1
Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1
Refresh rate: 0.5S
High temperature protection: 0 ~ 110
Resolution: Temperature between -9.9~99.9, the resolution is 0.1, other temperature segment is 1
There's six separate parameters to program if the user decides to, and is accessed by holding down the set button. First parameter or P0 sets the controller whether to turn on the relay at the set temp or turn off the relay at set temp. P1 sets the hystersis (default 2 deg C), range is 0.1-15. P2 and P3 essentially serves no function that I know of. P4 enables user calibration to correct the thermistor by up to -7/+7 degrees C. This is useful if your thermistor is set some distance away from the thermal junction or if the reading by default is off. P5 sets the on delay (preset zero) adjustable up to 10 minutes. Basically once the threshold temperature after hystersis has been reached and the unit "waits" a set number of minutes before turning on. I didn't find it that useful, the hystersis did the trick. I wish there was an off delay instead.
Question: P6 setting is for high temp alarm. Does anyone know how it alarms since this item appears to have no speakers.
Answer: When the set temperature is met, a 20A relay activates. The Relay stays closed till the temperature drops two degrees C below the set point.
Question: Regarding the "K0" and "K1" contacts: Is one positive and one negative? Both positive?
Answer: K0 and K1 are the ports that you will attach the circuit that you want to be controlled by the thermostat unit. I.E. the ground wire for your electronic device could attach to these ports. If the thermostat is triggered to the "On" position by hitting the set temperature, it would connect K0 and K1, thus completing the circuit. If the thermostat is "Off" or not at the set temperature, K0 and K1 are not connected and the circuit is not complete.

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