FAQ-RobotDigg and Order

06, Jan, 2014

Product of RobotDigg

A. 17HS3001-20B, the Rated Voltage is 2V, it's Not the working voltage, you can apply 12V, 24V or even higher power supply to it.

Order with RobotDigg

1. The weight you can see when ordering is the Net Weight, the Gross Weight will be 1.2 times it. The shipping cost are calculated by the gross weight, the volume of the order, the type of shipping and destination.
The break to ship by courier is 0.5Kg. E.g. 0.55Kg, the shipping cost will be under the break 0.5-1Kg. 1.1Kg, the break should be 1-1.5Kgs.

2. Combine Order.
If you order only heavy item you will see the shipping cost is high, e.g. Motor and Filament. In this case, Combine Order is much wiser.
Take example: 1 roll Filament the gross weight is 1.5Kgs, shipping cost to U.S. by FedEx/UPS is 35USD (That's really too much.). But if you need lots of Pulley and Belt in the same time, let's say 50pcs pulley and 20M belt, the gross weight is about 0.5Kg added, and the shipping cost 5USD added. And shipping rate is always better when the weight is over 21Kgs from main of the Couriers FedEx/UPS/DHL. In the meanwhile, when your order is over 500USD, you can ask for some extent Discount or Free Shipping.
Tips for Combine: Buy motors and filaments or linear bearings, etc, which are heavy in quantity for season or half year to be over 21Kgs. You will enjoy discount on product and a low average shipping cost per item.

3. Import Tax.
Import tax, a similar question with shipping cost, it really depends. U.S. have the less import tax from China. Brazil pay none to China Post a small package but pay double to ship by courier.
RobotDigg ship orders from a professional Shipping Agent who knows the policy well. They help us to low the value(some countries need to declare the real value or there is Fine.) and documents preparation to avoid Import Tax to the most.

4. Do RobotDigg ship to Germany, France, Russia? What's the shipping cost?
RobotDigg ship all over the world from China.
Shipping cost really depends on the gross weight of your order.

5. How can I order with RobotDigg?
Order online for RobotDigg shop system record only (Don't be nervous, this record is to help RobotDigg for shipping cost and Discount that we can offer.), sales will contact you shortly to confirm shipping cost.
After that you have the right to drop the order or take the order by paying us through Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer.