2013 Free Shipping

12, Aug, 2013

Timing Pulley&Belt, Stepextruder Parts.

RobotDigg make a decision to offer a free shipping for orders over 208USD of and within Timing Pulley&Belt, Stepextruder Parts.
To U.S. Canada or U.K., Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Belgium, RobotDigg will ship by FedEx/DHL or UPS. This means you will save 25-50USD on shipping for the products in the above mentioned categories.
You can Combine Order of Pulley, Belt and Stepextruder Parts. To enjoy a FREE SHIPPING we won't offer any further discount. If you buy in thousand, we offer deep discount, in this case, FREE SHIPPING is not valid.

Enjoy! To be the wise 3der to buy 3D Printer Supplies.