BLDC n Servo Motor

BLDC Motor

BLDC Motor is also known as Brushless DC Motor which is for high speed constant torque output applications. 3000RPM, 4000RPM torque from 0.18N.m size NEMA17 to 9.6N.m size NEMA42.
The rated voltage supply NEMA17 24VDC, NEMA23 and NEMA23 24V, 36V and 48VDC, NEMA32, NEMA34 48VDC or high voltage 310VDC 3-phase.
Gimbal Motor and Motor for Robot Arm out of outrunner motor, with hollow shaft/slip ring, planetary gear reducer or harmonic drive reducer, or Encoder as BLDC Servo Motor.

BLDC Motor is somehow quite different from Stepper Motor, stepper motor application in usual is speed lower than 600RPM. BLDC Motor with Encoder seems the classic or traditional Servo Motor but stepper motor with encoder is called Closed-loop Stepper Motor or we call it Servo Stepper.

BLDC Motor Driver

BLDC Motor Driver

Brushless DC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

40, 60 or 80 AC Servo Motor

Coreless or Brushless Servo?

RC Servo, Robot Servo, 12V Industrial Coreless or Brushless Servo?
The steering gear 'SERVO' is a common name for Chinese people, because the model airplane enthusiasts first used it to control the rudder and the aircraft's rudder surface. The English of the servo motor is servomotor. What about the steering gear? Some people also call it as servomotor which is short as servo. Probably the relationship between "servo motor" and "small servo". From the structure analysis, the steering gear includes a small DC motor (Latest Coreless or Brushless Motor), plus sensors, control chips, reduction gear sets, and fit into the integrated casing. The angle of rotation can be controlled by an input signal (typically a PWM signal or a digital signal). Because it is a simplified version, the three-loop control of the original servo motor is simplified into a loop, that is, only the position loop is detected. The cheap solution is a potentiometer, which is detected by a resistor. The advanced scheme uses a Hall sensor or a grating encoder. Many of the steering gears used for the model are simply plastic casings plus plastic gear sets. For example, the famous cheap steering gear SG90, commonly known as 9g steering gear (because the weight is 9g)

Hollow Shaft Servo Motor