Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt


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Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt

Order No.: GT2-B6

The GT2 Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, open ended 5M, 10M, 20M or 50M per roll.
The order increment is 1M, 2USD/M for any order below 50M. The Minimum Order Quantity is 5M. Orders would be 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M and so on.
Material is Neoprene Rubber, Fiberglass Reinforced perfect for Prusa or Printrbot 3D Printers and more.

RobotDigg offer 6mm width open end gt2 belt and also 9mm width open end gt2 belt.
The price is $10 USD per 5 meters a roll. Order over 100 meters and the price drops to $1.80 USD/M including shipping cost. If you need any quantity of GT2 belt open ended or ROUND, please write us an email for a quote.

We also can supply you with a ROUND or Closed Loop GT2 Timing Belt, 158mm(79 teeth), 188mm(94 teeth) and 202mm(101 teeth) are common supply. Closed belts are a little harder to work into a design and are a bit of a pain to replace but they offer improved performance when compared to open belt sections.

Do you know?
The GT2 6mm width open end Belt and GT2 20 Teeth Pulley combination is the best of the best possible belt&pulley combo for all MendleMax and all Reprap variant 3D Printers. And it is less prone to backlash due to the way the rounded teeth mesh up. Square toothed belts and pulleys just always seem to have that little bit of play that is impossible to calibrate out of your printer. Our GT2 pulleys and belts are the best choice for very precise positioning. Simply swapping out your square tooth belts and pulleys for these GT2 profile belts and pulleys is a VERY cost effective way to upgrade your 3D printer and improve print quality! The GT2 round tooth belt is also quieter than square toothed designs. Other than replacing your belts entirely with our Threaded Rod Nema17 Steppers and Anti-Backlash Nut there is no better 3D printer option than these belts and our Pulley.

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