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QiHE desktop pick and place machine

RDG802B (TVM802B) is designed to meet customers' needs for more material stack, in the RDG802A (TVM802A) models based on the introduction of a high-performance, cost-effective, high reliability, full-vision placement machine.

Paypal Buy Now, shipping cost included by FedEx, DHL or TNT, 4190USD to Australia, Canada, USA and Western European countries, please confirm shipping address and provide delivery contact number.
RDG802B Paypal Buy Now 4190USD

Shipment can be arranged out within 5 days after payment.

Features:Dual pick and place heads or Double-headed, double-vision design, Automatic recognition mark point, International common nozzle, the replacement of more convenient materials stack up to 46, the product focus on detail, classic and reliable!

1.Hardware Properties

The boundary dimension of this equipment is 950*930*300mm. It mainly consists of a work head, top and bottom visual systems, a work table, feeding racks, etc.The moving range of X and Y axis is 395*4450mm, while the moving range of Z axis is 15mm.,PCB of size 260*330mm at most, available for jointed board operation.

2.Techinical Parameters



Applicable PCB


XY axis moving range


Z axis moving range


Placement head quantity


Mounting capability

5500 component per hour

Mounting accuracy


Applicable components

04020606,08055050 sop8 TQFP、QFN

Components supply configuration

Tape coilingbulk packageIC

Feeder width



46,including 8mm=38、12mm=6、16mm=2 (can be customized)

Machine dimension


Visual camera

2 HD CCD Cameras

Bottom visual system

Automatic identify the mark point

Top visual system

Adjust the position and angle offset

Stick feeder


Vacuum pump quantity

2 vacuum pump and 1 air pump

Power supply

AC220V or AC110V,130W


G.W:65kg  N.W55kg, Volume: 0.38 M3

Support PCB Software

Protl99/AltiumDesigner/Eagle/Pads/proteus/Allegre etc

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