2GT, T2.5, 3M belt polyester w/ steel wire reinforced

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PU with steel core reinforce open ended timing belts

The price is 10M per roll MOQ. 6mm wide 10 meters a roll.
Open ended Polyester or PU with steel wire reinforced T2.5 Belt is ever before the reprap belt. And it's still be used in many countries and many Reprap 3d printers.
This kind of T2.5 Belt has a deep contact with T2.5 Pulley, good for power transmission. Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass reinforced T2.5 Belt is also available.
T2.5 and T5 Belt and Pulley.

2mm pitch, 3mm pitch round tooth profile 2GT, 3M 10 meters per roll.
It can be at most 100 meters per roll
Note: PU is easily get oxidized and seems yellow, it's normal.

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