10A, 25A or 40A DC-DC Solid-state Relay



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DC control DC SSR for Heat Bed

Get problems heating up or worry about the safety of a high-power heat bed? Similar function as Crydom Solid State Relay.
This Single Phase Solid State Relay is designed in accordance with IEC Standard & is ideal for various household / industrial automation process control applications, such as heating & cooling control, numerical-controlled machinery, remote-control system. RobotDigg Recommend it for Silicone Heater Pad or other heated bed of 3d printing.
Control voltage range (Vdc) 3-32VDC(D3)
Max input current 40mA
Must operation voltage 3VDC
Must release voltage 2VDC
Load voltage range 6-220VDC
Load current 25A
Max off-state leakage current 2mA
Max on-state voltage drop 1V
LED indicator
Rugged ABS housing with removable safety cover
Dust-proof and moisture-resistant
Response time 1/2 cycle+2mSec
The heatsink is highly recommended to be used when the Load is over 5A. For Kossel, you can consider mounting it on the Aluminum Extrusion. It is a nature heatsink.
Designed to offer users maximum simplicity and easy to D.I.Y. install

Heatsink for the SSR is available.
Ramps 1.4 has a current limit for heated bed which is 9A, if you are using a larger size or high-power heatbed, RDG recommend you use SSR to control it. Don't mess up with a heat bed or burn your control board and ramps 1.4 board which is time n money costly.

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