Four-station turntable screen printing machine



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Nucleic acid detection card kit automatic screen printing machine, 24 per tray, in stock till Feb.2023

Other applications: toys, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging, etc.
1. The high-speed turntable high-precision printing machine is composed of Taiwan mechanical cam divider and a high-strength rotating platform. The fastest speed can reach 1500 times/hour.
2. With the automatic start function, it is more convenient to remove and wash the screen frame.
3. The left and right movement of the scraper adopts Taiwan (Shangyin) linear guide rail structure, which is light and stable in movement and improves printing quality.
4. Taiwan Xunjie PLC inverter controls the operation of the whole machine. The operation data is more accurate and obvious
5. Automatic start-up function, higher printing quality. The position of the printing plate can be adjusted left and right.
6. The left, right, up, and down of the scraper are driven by Taiwan Yade polite components/stepper motor and synchronous belt, which makes the operation more stable.
7. The turntable is controlled by a divider. The precision of the cast aluminum table top is as high as 0.1mm

Technical parameters:
Printing color 1 color (multi-color set available)
Single cycle
Continuous exercise
The time delay of each part can be adjusted (adjustable)
Printing speed 1500 times/hour
The largest frame is 450mmX650mm
The maximum table area is 300mmX450mm
The maximum printing area is 280mmX400mm
The maximum height of the workpiece is 80mm
Frame lifting stroke 200mm
Left and right stroke of scraper 420mm
Turntable diameter ф800mm
Manipulator X stroke 800mm
Manipulator Y stroke 300mm
Manipulator speed 400mm/sec
Capacity (idling) 1500PCS/H
The up-and-down travel of the scraper and oil scraper is 25mm
Drive cylinder/servo motor
Control system PLC
Control voltage DC24V
Power supply voltage 220VAC 50/60Hz
Connection load 2.2KW
Pneumatic supply 4-6bar
Air consumption/cycle 2.1L
Weight about 520 KG

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