4pin DC output 100-240V AC input Power Supply Adapter



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4PIN output power adapter

Product Specifications:
* Input: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 1.8A Max
* Output: 12V 5A
* Maximum output: 60W
* DC plug size: 4PIN (4pin position in the figure)
* Cable length approx. 110cm
* Built-in IC chip: Short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection
* Complete replacement of 12V 4A 3.33A 2A as amperage is not required.
(If the previous adapter is less than 5A, this is a perfect replacement as amperage is not required)
You can replace the 12V 5A with the same 4-pin position adapter.
4PIN power adapter
Suitable for Sanyo CLT1554 CLT2054 20 inch LCD TV monitor
Suitable for HIK VISION DVR 7804H-SN 7808H-SN 7804H-SNH 7808H-SNH SN 7816H 7824H ETC.
Included in packaging:
4pin power adapter 12V 5A
1 PC x 12V 5A power adapter (without AC cable)

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