Autobagging packaging machine open mouth bagging system



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Autobag Machine AG-200, AG-300

A tabletop automatic bagging machine is used for pre-opened bag packaging and sealing. The pre-opened bag rolls are installed on the side of the machine, the bag can be automatically delivered and opened for workers to put stuff then it will automatically seal. The printer can be optionally installed.

This auto bagging machine is designed for a smart volume and weight, no need to install it, you can operate and move it easily.
The operating speed can reach 15-25bags per minute according to bag sizes and operator speed.
The autobag adopts a display that enables access to operating parameters.

Autobag Machine

Autobag machine technical parameter:

Pre-opened bag sizeLength 140-380mm, width 80-260mmLength 140-500mm, width 100-350mm
Pre-opened bag thicknesssingle layer 0.04-0.1mmsingle layer 0.04-0.1mm
Packaging speed20-25 bags/minute20-25 bags/minute
Power rate1.0kw1.5kw
Power supply220v 50/60hz, 110v 60hz220v 50/60hz, 110v 60hz
Suitable filmPE material pre-opened bag rollsPE material pre-opened bag rolls
Required compressed air
0.4Mpa, 0.05m3/minute
0.4Mpa, 0.05m3/minute
Net weight40kgs50kgs
Machine sizeL700xW650xH620L750xW700xH750

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