Transparent Label Sensor



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Single-motor capacitance detection principle: Determine whether there is a label by detecting the thickness.

Performance advantages: The response speed can reach 20 microseconds, the switching frequency can reach 10KHZ, the detection positioning repeatability is within 0.1mm, and the detection thickness can be as thin as 0.01mm.

Special circuit design: Based on the invention patent design of the special circuit, the sensitivity of the knob can be adjusted to detect various material labels, including various paper labels, transparent labels, and bronzing and silver material labels, and truly realize 1 label sensor to solve the label detection problem.

Dual output: NPN and PNP make it highly adaptable and can be connected to various PLC signal ports.

Knob adjustment: with the double-digit display, the adjustment setting is simple and easy.

Double shell design: The short base plate WLBS-210 is suitable for machines with insufficient installation space, and the extended floor WLBS-210B multi-directional screw hole design is convenient for installation in various ways.

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