MT-170 Flat labeling machine



MT-170 with paging machine
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MT-170 Flat Labeling Machine is a desktop automatic flat labeling machine. MT-170 is also called LT-170 when MT-170 sells for the international market.

MT-170 flat labeling machine is designed for paper cards, plastic bags, flat label applicators, carton boxes, envelope labeling, express bag labeling, and others plane labeling.

A paging machine can be installed on one MT-170 line, so it will automatically deliver paper cards, plastic bags, sachets to the labeling conveyors one by one, you just need to put a pack of products on the paging machine.

MT-170 flat labeling machine main parameters:

Labeling Speed≤300pcs/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Suitable for label widthMax. 130mm
Label roll inner diameterφ76mm
Label roll outer diameterMax. φ250mm
Conveyor speed5-30m/min
Suitable for objects sizeLength 40mm-400mm, Width 40mm-200mm, Height 2mm-350mm
Machine Size840x650x1900mm (do not include conveyor)
Package Size860x560x730mm

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