LT-610 Labeling Machine



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LT-610 semi automatic labeling machine is suitable for flat bottles, oval bottles, or square bottles, it can be used for both single and double labeling. Such as shampoo bottles, hand sanitizer, lubricant flat bottles and other dual-side labeling.


Machine modelLT-610/LT-610D
Power Supply110v/220v 50-60Hz
Working Speed15-30 pieces/min
Labeling Accuracy±0.5mm
Suitable Labeling ObjectsLength:50-350mm, Width:20-200mm, Height:50-400mm
Suitable Label SizeLength:15-300mm, Width:15-150mm
Label RollOut Diameter: 300mm
Label RollInner Diameter: 76mm
Machine Size1220x1250x1470mm
Machine Weight270kgs.

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