AR600 Razor Packaging Machine



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Paper-blister Packaging Machine

AR600 is a paper-card&plastic blister packaging machine, widely be used for disposable shavers, hardware, toothbrush sealing, and packaging.
Our clients use the AR600 Automatic blister packing machine for the below products and industries: 

Packing disposable razor with full sealing and half sealing plastic-paper card.

Knife paper blister packaging
Bulb plastic-paper card blister packaging
Hook blister Package
Battery Blister package
Toothbrush blister paper-card packaging;

Main features:

The machine can automatically form the shape of the mold, then after feeding the products, it will automatically heat, cut, and then output the finished products.

AC350 blister paper-plastic packaging machine adopts human-machine interface and PLC control system, it can easily adjust the parameter by touch screen and trace the operating data. 

3.  Equipped with a highly accurate temperature module and photoelectric control, automatic detection, improve operation safety and other performance.

The main process of AR600 rotating blister packaging machine

The production process is  PVC heating---Blister card forming---servo motor traction---scrap collection---blister cutting-manipulator grap the blister to the tray--manual place product ---paper card lay down ---blister and paper card hot sealing---product output.

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