Lubricant strip, razor blade for disposable razors



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Lubricant Strip

Disposable Razor Assembly Line

There are different colors of lubricant strips available for Not only disposable razors.
Pantone Color Chart
Lubricant Strip Color Chart

Razor Blade

Thin stainless steel strips 0.1-3.0 4Cr13 or 6Cr13 stainless steel strips for the razor blades
Twin blades, triple blades are available in a rack of 10,000 and 10 racks per carton.
1. Stainless steel thin plate for razors is processed by pressing machine.
2. Thermal processing heating and cooling it to harden (quench).
3. Blade edging or grinding to make sure it's sharpness.
4. Polishing, inspection and coating (fluorine resin).

There is a cheap razor blade which is made of carbon steel But as usual, it's Not sharp enough for the duty. RobotDigg recommends stainless steel with chrome coating.
Razor Components
The spacer is used to isolate the two blades or three. There are many kinds of spacers plastic or metal, the shape is important for the razor assembly line because it needs to coordinate.
Besides the lubricant strip, you also need to take the quick dry glue for the stick to the small piece of the razor head.

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