LT-150 Desktop Automatic Labeling Machine



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LT-150 Labeling Machine

LT-150 Desktop labeling machine is designed for round bottle labeling machine, though the size is small, it almost the full function of benchtop automatic labeling machine, the user just need put the bottle on the conveyor, it can automatically finish labeling works. It is the best choice for a small workshop, it can save space and money. 

Main Features:

1. Assembled with a conveyer, it is easy to deliver bottles, the operator just needs to put the bottles on the conveyor, it will automatically finish the labeling works. Compare with the semi-automatic labeling machine LT-50, you do not need to put it in the fixed rubber rolls, it highly improves the labeling speed and labeling precision.

2. Touch screen installed in the LT-150 labeling machine, it brings easy operation and enhances productivity. 

3. All labeling machine comes with aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

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