LT-190 table top round bottle front n back labeling machine



LT-190 without printer
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LT-190 semi-automatic benchtop round bottle labeling machine - front and back double labeling machine    


This desktop round bottle machine can label the front and back of round bottles. It also can be used for single labeling work. The new design tabletop labeling machine is very flexible and smart, the operator just needs to put products on the position, the machine will finish the double labeling works. 

This labeling machine has two working models, one is fully automatic labeling by adjusting the fiber optic sensor, it can detect the object then automatically labeling,    another model is by pedal, press pedal then complete one labeling. So on the other hand, this is a fully automatic desktop labeling machine. 

Main Features:

1.This desktop labeling machine is a small size and smart, tabletop type labeling machine, it can work at any place.

2. This small desktop labeling machine can be used for both front&back labeling or single surface round object labeling works.

3. LT-190 labeling machine is easy to operate, the touch screen is adopted on the labeling machine, users can adjust the labeler distance parameter by the touch screen. 

4. Aluminum alloy body, make the machine is stable quality and lightweight, also the appearance is smart and beautiful.


ModelLT-190D with the printer (LT-190 without printer)
Power supply220V/50Hz (Optional 110V/60Hz)
Pressing modePneumatic (Optional electric)
Moter power0.25kw
Applicable product diameterφ10mm- 150mm
Applicable labeler diameterLength 20mm-300mm, Width 20mm-230mm
Applicable label reel sizeInner hole φ76mm, Outer diameter ≤φ250
Machine Size740mmx520mmx350mm
Machine weight36kg

LT-190 labeling machine with printer

How to install labeler reels?

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