Multifunctional intelligent constant temperature drying oven for chemical or laboratory

25*25*25CM inner


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Drying Oven for Pellets or Filaments

Widely used in industrial/agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health units, such as laboratory to try drying, heat treatment and heating.
Introduction:This Digital Drying oven is a blast and constant temperature electric heating drying oven, which has a digital display. It is in accordance with ergonomic clasp handle, convenient operation, and ensure the sealing property.
Using the intelligent PID control technology, the system has temperature control, timing, over temperature alarm function.
Adjustable vent hole at the top, which can be expanded into the residue of the aging test
High temperature silicone rubber is used as the sealing door. High temperature heat pipe is used as heating element to ensure safe and long life.
pellet dryer
drying oven

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