Left and right hand threads lead screw or ball screw



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Bidirectional leadscrew or ballscrew

Precision bi-directional Lead Screw or Ball Screw can achieve the function of close and open, positioning and centering location on single axis, and offer the precision grade of C3 or C5.
bidirectional screw

Bidirectional lead screw 0802 diameter 8mm and 2mm pitch/lead
bidirectional lead screw

Left and right hand ball screw

Bidirectional ball screw 1605 diameter 16mm and 5mm pitch/lead
bidirectional ball screw
Smaller diameter 0802, 1002, 1004, 1202, 1204 Customized bidirectional or left and right hand Ground Ball Screws are available on request.
left and right hand ball screw
rolled or ground ball screws

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