LT-60 Desktop Flat Labeling Machine



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Desktop Flat Labeling Machine

This desktop flat labeling machine adopt adhesion label method of labeling to achieve a variety of flat surface labeling.
1.This flat bottle label sticker machine is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed , label result is accuracy , no less than 0.2 mm
2. With the special detective eye, can also make sure the high accuracy of the machine.
3. This flat labeling machine is with microcomputer control, auto calculus, no not need to adjust the photoelectric position
4. Large adjustable range.
LT-60 Surface Labeling Machine

LT-60 flat Labeling Machine

What is the features of our flat sticker labeling machine?
1. Suitable for labeling various flat surface container.
2. Can install coding/inkjet printer (optional).
3. Meet the GMP production requirements, The main material using stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy
4. Stable performance, Adopt by PLC + optical fiber sensor control system to support long-term work.
5. Production and management convenience, Machine with the labeling count, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking tags and other functions.

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