Smart Accurate Weighing System



Weighing System

The weighing system is kind of recipe supervisory systern based on computer application, which is a control system aiming to materal information management, recipegeneration, production schedule, recipe transferring, weighing based on the recipe list with the weighing platlorm automatically selected, recipe error limit, and data review,For the recipe room, recipe list to the task issuing. production list, and detailed report,the operation is paperless in the whole process, which lowers manpower of production and management and improves product quality and management benefit.
The recipe data will be screened and encrypted to prevent the leakage ot recipe technllogy and commercial damage
The dispensing cycle will be real-time supervised online for weighing more or less,wrong material, forgetting of removing tare, out of toleranoe, actuall value record,researching and reviewing detailed recipe, etc. to ensure the weighing result equal tothe recipe setting
Automatic detection and data storage tlo guarantee the product qualifed every time,and the complete and correct charging every time. In this way the product quality can be enduringly and stably kept.

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