Six degrees of freedom Robot Arm



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6 DOF Robot Arm

SCARA or six degrees of freedom Robot Arm
24V DC power supply energy saving
No need of control box which is Movable on AGV

Power servo motor,electricity:1.5A
Payload rated load: 1Kg
Max load: 2Kgs
Moving Range
JS(旋转) -160°~ + 160°
JL(上臂) -90°~ + 110°
JU(下臂) -0°~ + 160°
JR(手臂旋转) -290°~ + 105°
JB(手臂摆动) -130°~ + 130°
JT(手臂回旋)-360°~ + 360°
Arm Length 650mm
Repeat location Accuracy ±0.1mm
Max Moving Speed
JS(旋转) 160°/s
JL(上臂) 130°/s
JU(下臂) 200°/s
JR(手臂旋转) 300°/s
JB(手臂摆动) 400°/s
Linear interpolation, arc interpolation, deceleration interpolation, force control, g code path program, and input and output control signals
Control Method Demonstrator or connect PC via serial interface
External Axis Can control two external axes,to realize the function of 2-dimensional transformer
Material Aluminum
Weight 16Kgs without the seat

Robot Arm

1 The core technology is the original motion control algorithm, completely independent research and development by SEED
2 Miniaturize the design of control system and drive circuit, fully embedded in the robot arm
3 The motion control performance reaches the industrial robot standard, positioning accuracy +-0.02mm, with good interpolation, speed, force control and other performance, the control is very flexible and simple
4 It can effectively control manufacturing cost and provide customized technical solutions
5 Easy to realize automatic positioning through machine vision. When the robotic arm is installed on the intelligent robot, it will greatly expand the working ability of the intelligent robot, and can complete the majority of the home, office, business and other services

Movable Robot Arm

This Robot Arm is suitable to work with AGV as a movable collaboration robot.
AGV Robot Arm

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