Matt black industrial thermalloy heat sink



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Large 44mm x 44mm x 12mm (Length*Width*Height)
M 39mm x 39mm x 15mm (Length*Width*Height)
Small 35mm x 35mm x 12mm (length * width * height)
Color: Matt black
Price: 1 pcs price with no adhesive
Note: The heat sink adopts a forging process, which is formed by heating the aluminum block after filling it with high pressure. Its advantage is that the height of the fin can reach more than 50mm, and the thickness is less than 1mm, and the maximum heat dissipation area can be obtained in the same volume. , And forging is easy to get good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. However, when it is forged, due to the low plasticity of the metal, it easily cracks when deformed, and the deformation resistance is large. A forging machine with a large tonnage (above 500 tons) is needed. The high cost of the equipment and the high cost of the mold leads to the high cost of the product. Many overclockers have no blessings. The exquisite heat sink is a good product for enthusiasts.

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