OpenPnP USB Interface 1.0MP 720P Vision Camera



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RoboGo OpenPnP Vision Camera

720P resolution 1280x720P
OpenCV camera
USB interface Camera Module for Monochrome Stereo
Android, Windows, Linux system support
High Definition: 720P
Connectivity: USB
Focal Length: 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm optional
Sensor: OV9712 CMOS
YUY and MJPEG compression format optional
CMOS 720P sensor for high quality image and low power consumption
High speed USB 2.0 interface for high resolution PC camera interface
High pixel technology for sharp image and accurate color reproduction
Low light performance – ideal for any lighting condition
Super small outline and thin profile for embedded applications
High frame rate– deliver 30 fps in 1280X720 resolution
High quality lens, true and undistorted color image
Low power consumption – ideal for portable equipment
UVC for use in Linux, Windows XP, WIN CE, MAC, SP2 or above
Camera with UVC

Industrial USB 720P Vision Camera Module for OpenPnP Projects
openpnp vision camera
pick and place camera
How to set up the camera as Machine Vision, thanks to Anthoy Webb who is OpenPnP Pioneer.

New arrival: Vision Camera with LED lighting filling
Vision Camera with LED
Open Source Computer Vision

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