BGA heating platform



MWJ 4030 BGA heating platform:Welding, heating
Heating method:Heating method: aluminum plate heating
The maximum voltage is 250V
Electrical appliances electric heating platform
The heating platform for the temperature stability of the controlled heating equipment for any need to stabilize the temperature control of the occasion, such as: BGA rework, aluminum plate LED lamp beads welding, PCB preheating, sealing plastic dispensing, mold core preheating, Chemical test, heat curing, solid state relay chip welding and other occasions, easy to operate, fast, high efficiency.
Temperature range 350 ℃ ± 1%
Heating size 400 * 300 mm
Power 1500W
Power supply AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Dimensions 440 * 340 * 170 mm
Machine weight 15KG
Aluminum plate thickening: heating platform using 20MM made of aluminum
Bakelite insulation: with thermal insulation bakelite, heat insulation

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