NEMA17 40mm geared Stepper Motor with planetary gear



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NEMA17 40mm Stepper Gearmotor

Order No. 17HS3001-C5X.PDF
Nema17 40mm Stepper Motor
The output shaft is 8mm. RobotDigg drive gear for Stepextruder with an 8mm bore is available for the stepper gearmotor.
Size 36mm Gear Head 5.18:1 Gear Ratio,
There are 200pcs in stock for quick response.

The geared stepper motor is Not only very popular used in 3D printer extruders but also in applications where need large torque output but narrow space.
5:1, 14:1, and 27:1 gear ratio in stock for quick response to your prototyping and production.
Geared Stepper Motor NEMA17

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