Full hot air lead-free Reflow Oven with six heating-zone RDG-R612E



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Full hot air lead-free reflow Oven with six heating-zone RDG-R612E Features:

Advanced structural design: the heating device using forced turbocharged hot air microcirculation system, rapid heating, thermal compensation reaction rate of ultra-fast generally no more than 2 seconds, with excellent temperature and heating efficiency; liner with integrated design, K-type stainless steel mirror material superior insulation never deformation, easy to clean and maintain.
Excellent temperature uniformity: The hot air circulating system ensures the temperature uniformity in the furnace, good inotropy in the temperature zone, and improves the influence of the temperature curve across the PCB solder joint, effectively preventing the influence of airflow between the temperature zones and ensuring the accuracy of temperature control.
Heating speed: the rational design of the structure, the electrical part of the appropriate use, from room temperature to constant temperature time only 8 minutes.
Low power consumption: As the structure through a special design of high thermal efficiency, heating up quickly so more power consumption of less than 3 hours an hour.
User-friendly operation panel design: the operator panel is simple and convenient, one-button start if not special Process, boot 15 minutes to reach the temperature can produce.
Temperature accuracy: temperature sensor with an exclusive probe leakage design, the temperature probe directly with the greenhouse air contact, the maximum set value to reduce the gap between the actual value, temperature control system using microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed-loop control, PCB surface lateral air temperature error of not more than 2 degrees.
Excellence in the quality of materials science: heat the body with vacuum packaging, heating wire and the outside air isolation, the maximum reduction of high temperature oxidation of the heating wire to ensure that the heating element long life.
Widely used, versatile: uniform wind, heat capacity. Particularly suitable for a variety of CHIP components such as IC and welding. Each zone heating up and down, independent cycle, independent temperature control.
Easy to adjust Practical: suitable for all types of temperature curve, built-in curve test system to facilitate the commissioning curve, saving set-up time.

Model RDG-R612E
Number of heating zones 6 Temperature zones
Heating zone length 1800mm
Heating element vacuum heater
Heating way small cycle
Heating time ≤ 15 minutes
Whole machine control mode microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed - loop control
Operation interface Operation panel keys
Number of cooling zones 1
Cooling method cross-flow cold air cooling
Operating temperature range of room temperature -300 ℃
Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃
PCB board lateral deviation ± 2 ℃
PCB width of the maximum width of 300mm
Allows a height of 40mm
Transport direction Left → Right (right → left optional)
Conveyor belt height mesh belt 800 ± 20mm
Transmission network transmission
Applicable conveyor speed 300-700mm / min
Temperature measurement system
Abnormal alarm Temperature abnormality (ultra-high temperature)
The lid is opened and closed manually
Power supply AC 220Vac, 3 Phase, 5Cables, 50 / 60Hz
Start / normal power 12KW / 3KW
Weight about 380kg
Overall dimensions L2600 × W610 × H1350

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