Orbital desktop reflow soldering machine



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The RDG-330L desktop reflow soldering machine has the advantages of fast temperature rise (10 minutes), precise operation, simple operation and energy-saving. It is very suitable for medium and small batch and high precision. Welding production. The appearance of the device using streamlined design, the use of automotive paint, exquisite fashion, high-end atmosphere.

Technical Parameters
Temperature-heating Zone: 3 zones (Upper 3 with hot air circulation)
Length of heating zone: 1000mm.
Heating element: vacuum super-long life nickel-chromium heater.
Heating method: turbocharged hot air temperature zone independent small-cycle forced heating heating up quickly, saving energy. In this case, Machine control: control panel keys plus microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed-loop control.
Heating time: ≤ 10 minutes.
Number of cooling zones: 2.
Cooling: constant current forced air cooling.
Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃.
PCB board lateral deviation: ± 2 ℃.
PCB maximum width: width of the net width of 300mm.
Allowable height of component: 30mm.
Movement direction: left → right.
Conveyor belt height: 250 ± 20mm.
Transmission: stainless steel B-shaped mesh belt.
Conveyor speed: 150-220mm / min.
Abnormal alarm: High temperature alarm.
Power supply: AC220V / 50HZ.
Weight: about 120Kg.

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