Customized Timing Pulley n Belt

24, Sep, 2013

Timing Pulley n Belt

Besides T2.5 16T, MXL 18T, GT2 16T, 20T and 36T Timing Pulleys for 6mm width Timing Belts, RobotDigg can customize you with T5, XL, L, S2M, S3M, HTD5 Timing Pulleys for different width timing belts.
RobotDigg Customized Timing Pulley
L Pulley 18 Tooth w/ Swivel Bearing and Bushing for Game Machine.

RobotDigg put 3D Printinig Industry use small pitch 2mm or 2.5mm Timing Pulleys as our regular supply, in the same time we can machine you with large pitch T5, L, HTD5 Timing Pulleys for Lab or Scientific Instruments n Medical Device a small MOQ basis.
RobotDigg HTD5 Pulley 48 Tooth
48 Tooth HTD5 Pulley w/ Self-lubricating Bearing

RobotDigg supply you with Ratio option of Timing Pulley.
If you are chasing 3:1 or 5:1 Ratio for an application. GT2 Pulley 12T 4mm Bore and GT2 60T Pulley 8mm Bore.
RobotDigg Timing Pulleys 5:1 Ratio
Ratio of Pulleys

Sizes of Timing Belt to work with pulleys are available from RobotDigg. 6mm, 9mm and 15mm width Timing Belts for the Belt Drive system is popular. We welcome you to write us email for customized pulley n belt.