3D printing pioneering universities in China

29, Nov, 2016

Recently, Robotdigg received some photos from Matteo F. Of Sesto S. Giovanni Italy, the 1st RobotDigg Fund Winner sharing his 3D printer Design on his College PUBLIC DAY.
RobotDigg is glad that Matteo build the 3D printer and willing to share.

RobotDigg got a mind to show some representative university’s 3D achivement in China

Qsinghua University
The "Tsinghua Mechanical Department", represented by Professor Yan Yongnian and his team, has made important contributions in the field of 3D printing, and has been at the forefront in high-end equipment manufacturing, metal 3D printing, bio-3D printing and other fields.

Xi'an Jiaotong University
Domestic industrial-grade SLA technology is basically all from the Xi'an Jiaotong University

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Materials Science and Engineering
2012 Wang Huaming with "aircraft titanium alloy large and complex integral component laser forming technology"

China University of Science and Technology
is one of the earliest in the rapid prototyping of one of the research units in 2008, Professor Shi Yusheng team successfully developed the world's largest table of laser powder sintering equipment, 2013 developed the first international "four laser, four mirror, Maximum table "of the rapid prototyping equipment

Northwestern Polytechnical University
Professor Huang Weidong leading his team as the representative of the Northwestern Polytechnical University laser manufacturing engineering center, in the field of metal 3D printing. They has printed 3-meter-high titanium alloy laser C919 three-dimensional central wing flange, for the aerospace, military metal 3D printing to provide comprehensive technical support and solutions, they're also providing some 3D accessaries and parts for domestic large aircraft C919.

Dalian University
Professor Yao Shan, as the representative of the Dalian University of Technology team, developed a PIPR profile failure laser rapid prototyping method, based on the technology developed by the 3D printing equipment, the working surface size of 1.8 * 1.8 meters, refresh the world's largest 3D printer records

Guangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology

Professor Xu Mingen team developed a biological 3D printer that can directly print human living cells

South China University of Technology
Professor Yang Yongqiang team and domestic enterprises has coworked and developed China's first selection of rapid melting of laser manufacturing equipment "DiMetal-240"

Shanghai Jiaotong University - Medical direction
Contributing themselves in medical 3D printing masters

Beijing University of Science and Technology

3D printing tumor medical guide plate molding equipment and testing equipment prototype development has made a breakthrough.

Recent years, more and more universities start new major “3D printing”. Some interests training institute is also raising to display 3D knowledge to teenagers.They’re not only bring 3D knowledage to young teenagers, but also teach them how to use software to create a model themselves.

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