Stepper Motor

Stepper Motors

Hybrid Stepper Motor

stepper motor n driver
Nema8 stepper, NEMA11 45mm n 51mm length body high torque stepper motor, Nema14 34mm long Stepper Motor for Huxley or Foldarap, NEMA 17 Stepper Motors: 34mm, 40mm n 48mm long Reprap Stepper Motor for 3d printers. 60mm length 0.65N.m/ Nema17 high torque stepper motor n Nema23 Stepper Motor are available for CNCs n Printers.
All motors from RobotDigg are coming with lead wires. The standard lead wire with connector we provided is 700mm long. There are 300mm, 500mm, 800mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm lead wire with dupont connector as Extra on sale for needs.

Geared Stepper Motors

Nema11 n Nema17 stepper motor with Planetary Gear for robotics n 3d printers.

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

Nema8, Nema11 n Nema17 hollow shaft stepper motor for pick n place machine, other applications where Air, Beam or Wires need to be through the motor shaft.

Specific applications, robot 360 degree rotary camera, laser positioning, SMT pick and place actuator
NEMA23 n NEMA34 Precise Hollow Shaft Steppers for large scale Laser Machine, etc.

Ultra-thin Stepper Motors

NEMA11 n NEMA23 Ultra-thin Stepper Motors for pick n place machine and where high speed is required.

Brake Stepper Motor

Stepper motor with brake is used for holding the position while encountering a sudden power off. This will protect your machine system from the strike.

Servo Stepper

Stepper motor with encoder for feedback which is also known as closed-loop stepper motor
Closed-loop Stepper Motor, Stepper Driver 2 or 3 phase 1.2 or 1.8 step angle and CANopen Stepper Controller, Servo Stepper Motor Solutions.