Servo Motor Electric Cylinder 4 Motion Simulator



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Servo motor electrical cylinder

Motion simulator use servo motor electrical cylinder, also known as servo motor linear actuator.
Electric Cylinder Connections
Technical Parameter:
Power 0.4kw Voltage 220V
Certificate CCC
Speed response frequency 20(KHz)
Applicable motor Schneider
Effective stroke 200mm
Rated speed 250mm/s
Rated rate 1.3KN
Electric cylinder form Reentrant
Installation After the flange
Motor brand Panasonic (other optional) 0.4KW 3000r / min
Piston rod smoothness is less than 0.2mm / m
Electric Servo Cylinder
SDG series electric cylinder dimensions from 44x44 to 134x134 optional, travel from a few millimeters to 2 meters optional
Support 232/485 communication control, support pulse, support for analog, support CAN, support ENTHNET
After the multi-free movement platform test by the Space Academy, P-019 platform displacement accuracy of 0.02mm, angle accuracy of 0.03 °. The maximum vibration frequency can be done 12HZ amplitude 0.5mm
Electric Cylinder Components

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