2.8 or 3.2 inches TFT LCD for Mega250



TFTLCD-2.8 inches
TFTLCD-3.2 inches
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2.8 or 3.2 inches TFT LCD Shield for Ardunio Mega2560

ILI9341 Driver (ILI9481 Driver LCDs were out of production)
16-bit parallel port Bus
Resistive touch screen
Resolution 240X320
Arduino TFT LCD

- UNO R3 and its compatible board can use it directly to display characters, graphics and BMP format images. And touch controlling is available;
- library: Adafruit_TFTLCD, Touch Screen and Adafruit_GFX;
- Touch screen type: resistive touchscreen.
- Touch Pen: length is 9cm;
- Display size: 2.8 inch;
- Operating voltage: 5V;
- Logic level: 5V / 3.3V;
- On-board 3.3V / 300mA regulator circuit;
- Operating current: the maximum is 150mA without TF card;
- Use the A0 ~ A4 pins, D2 ~ D13 pins. If you do not use TF card, you can use the D10 ~ D13;
- Onboard Micro SD slot, support 2GB Micro SD / TF Card

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